Youth Activist Calls On Nigerian President To Shelve The Plan Of Deploying Nigerian Army On Peaceful Protesters



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th 18 October 2020


His Excellency,
Ahmed Ibrahim Lawal
President of the Senate
Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Above subject matter refers

1. You may kindly wish to recall that the recent protest to ENDSARS was basically occasioned by a viral video showing men of the Nigeria Police Force brutalizing a young man somewhere in the Southern region of the Nigeria. It is needless to say that these act of brutality by men of the Nigeria Police Force has been the lot of many Nigerians.

2. The ENDSARS is a microcosm of the many ills afflicting the Nigeria State. The
audacity and impunity with which the SARS officials have been operating for the past decades is a clear manifestation of a failing Nigerian State.

The knee jerk approach
adopted by the Government in disbanding SARS and replacing it with SWAT team portrays either a total lack of understanding of the entire problem or a lack of sincerity in addressing the problem.

The Nigerian Government must realize that what the youth on behalf of majority of Nigerians, clamour for is a total reform of the entire police force and not a mere change of name.

We are calling for holistic reforms of all
government institutions and a reform of the entire nation. We cannot continue to
treat the symptoms while deliberately ignoring the root causes.

My sincere apologies to
by big brother Egbon Simon Kolawole: my reading of the real situation is that there is something deeper going out there. Deeper than SARS. Deeper SWAT. Deeper than
Police brutality.

We have what we have in our hands is the unloading of pent up anger,
frustration and resentments by Nigerians with the leading the line.

Distinguished President of the Senate Sir, I call on you to note that our cries for
justice must be seen as a cry for peace in our beloved country. We want a nation where there will be education without industrial strikes. We desire a Nigeria where the son of a nobody become somebody without knowing anybody. We want a Nigeria where knowledge and skills meet opportunity and employment.

This cry is for Nigeria
Where we are not treated as second class citizens but rather accorded equal
opportunities to realize our potentials rather than being profiled as criminals by those who are supposed to protect us. We desire a Nigeria of our dreams. A country we can pass on to our children with great hope.

As I move to conclude, because conclude I must, I urge you as representative of
the people and a major stakeholder in the Nigeria Project to prevail on President
Mohammadu Buhari GCFR to shelve the planned deployment of the Nigerian Army on arm less and peaceful protesters in the guise of a routine national exercise or what
ever pretext.

The President should see this as an opportunity to engage directly with the people and chat a new direction for our beloved country.

While I look forward to you treating this with the urgency it demands, please accept the assurances of Nigerian Youth that these protests is not about any individual, but it is about time.

Long live the Nigerian Youth
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Yours in service
Mallam  Bashir Abdullahi II, Mnim, Fcasi
Convener Hope Initiative.
Speaker, House of Representatives
Chairman Senate Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights & Legal matters,
Deputy Chairman Senate Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights & Legal
Chairman Senate committee on Army,
Chairman House committee on Human Rights,
Chairman House committee on Army,
Executive Secretary National Human Rights Commission,
Secretary General United Nations,
Deputy Secretary General United Nations,
Bishops conference of Nigeria,
Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN),
Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI),
Chairman, Christain Traditional Rulers of Nigeria.

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