Ahmed Musa Reacts To Female Preacher’s Comment Who Say All Football Stars Shall Go To H.ell When They D!e (Video)

In a trending video that has been making the round on social media where a female preacher was seen preaching and telling her congregation that all football stars will go to hell when they die, has spark up reactions.

The preacher had earlier said, “Anybody that dies a football star shall go to hell. Write it down, I’m not forcing you to believe me. Just hear and keep it. “I’m not forcing you to believe.

If your child here becomes star in ball, if your brother becomes star in ball – automatic certificate to hell.”

In reacting to this, the Super Eagles captain Ahmed Musa, who was not pleased with the preacher’s words, decided to share the video via his Facebook page and wrote; “I just the pass oh”.

Watch video below;