Breaking: Kano Hisbah Arrests 3 Men, 8 Women For Not Fasting


As the world observe the Ramadan period, 11 persons including men and women have been arrested by the Kano State Hisbah Board for not observing the Ramadan which is compulsory for every healthy adults, learnt.

This was disclosed in a statement by Dr. Aliyu Musa Kibiya who is the Director-General of the Hisbah board, adding that those who were arrested across the state were three men and eight women.

He said;
“We will investigate and if they have cogent reasons we will release them. Those found wanting will however be enlightened and even prosecuted if need be”.

He however, said that a woman is not expected to be seen eating in a public place during fasting; “for whatever reason,” adding that the board will arrest anyone found to be eating during the day.

“Fasting is compulsory for healthy, adult Muslims in the month of Ramadan except for the traveller, menstruating women, or old people,” he added.


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