Ghanaian Parent Who Came For Son’s Graduation Collàpse After Finding Out He Is Still In Year 2

A Ghanaian Police Public Relation Officer at Kwame Nkrumah University of science and technology, (KNUST- PRO), identified as Dr. Norris Bekoe, has narrated how parent fainted upon finding out son who was meant to be graduating is still in year 2.

The KNUST PRO revealed that the parent came to the school for their son’s graduation ceremony only to find out he is still in his 2nd year at the university.

Parents with children at the university were admonished by Dr Bekoe to always ensure they receive proof of school fees payment from the kids and monitor their behaviours, and academic performance in school. learnt, that the parent passed out during the graduation ceremony at the Dean of Students’ office.

Dr Norris Bekoe highlighted that there are students who pay little to no attention to their academics, which is the main reason why they are in school and they end up obtaining Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA) which is below the passing mark.

When that happens, they are forced to apply for fresh admission and start all over again sometimes, without the knowledge of their parents, reported.