How To Know If Someone Has Been Reading Your Mèssages On WhàtsApp And How To Remove Them

Most people do not know that their boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, relatives or anyone they may have probably left their phone with at a point, could have linked their devices to their WhatsApp, thereby reading all your messages through their device without you knowing. This is wrong and a criminal offense.

Let me tell you a little story. I have this colleague who is about to get married with someone she met just four months ago.

The man has money that she doesn’t asked for it before he gives her.

And this young woman, before she met this man has more than one boyfriend and of course, the husband-to-be knows about it.

So all of a sudden, he began to tell her all her movement. One month after their engagement, she went to a hotel to see one of her boyfriends, her husband-to-be now called her and told her the room number she was.

After the whole thing, she called me on the phone and was like; Becky, u sure say I no go cancel dis wedding? I was like, u dey craze? Guess what guys, the husband tracked all her social media messages. Yes, you heard. LOL.

So today, I am here to teach you how to check your WhatsApp to know if anyone has been reading your messages and how to remove them.

1. Open your WhatsApp 
2. Click the three dots at the top right corner on your WhatsApp screen to open the option menu.
3. Click LINKED DEVICES to see the list of devices connected to your WhatsApp. 
4. Click on each of the browsers listed and select LOGOUT to disconnect the person.

Remember to take a screenshot and post on the comment section if any device is linked to yours.

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