I’m Not a Yahoo Boy, I Feed People With My Little Savings – Nigerian Man Who Feed Beggars On The Street Finally Speaks (Photos)


A Nigerian man, 28, identified as Roland Ikenna Ochada, whose passion is to help people, has called for support to continue his charity work.

The 28 year old Roland said he is finding it hard to keep up the passion as he is without a gainful employment.

Roland, from Enugu state, whose story recently went viral for feeding many beggars with free food and adding money, has finally open up.

In an interview with Legit.ng, Roland dispelled the false opinion of people who called him a Yahoo boy (fraudster).

He said everything he does is funded from his lean pocket and supported by generous friends and family.

He also said, that he need people’s support on this.

When he was asked what his inspiration is, the University of Ibadan graduate of geography said, that hunger is prevalent in the country, adding that he is motivated whenever he remembers there are people on the street who do not have anything to eat.

He said, he is taking care of people’s welfare despite the fact that he is currently unemployed.

Roland said it has always been very hard raising funds. To show how much he loves what he does, he stated that he celebrated his convocation at an orphanage home in Sokoto when he was serving and could not travel down to Ibadan for the occasion.

He also revealed that, he has bigger dreams for what he does, revealing that he sees it as more than just giving people free food. He hopes to one day be able to support people’s businesses, settle house

He further called on Nigerians to support what he does so that society can be improved and people would not have to go to bed hungry.

May God continue to bless him.