Lagos Gov Unveils Nigeria First Electric Car (See Photos)


Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State, has unveiled Nigeria’s first locally-assembled full electric car manufactured by Stallion Group.

According to report, that the Hyundai Kona car comes with zero emission, 482km driving range, and can be charged both at home and workplace.

The governor said; “With an innovation of Hyundai Kona, we do not need to put the pressure on what is the pump price of oil again, what is the pump price of petroleum again”.

The governor also added, that the state government will partner with Ibile Oil and Gas and other private organisations to create different charging points across the state, so that people will have access to charge their cars wherever they go.

Stallion Group Managing Director, Rohtagi Manish, while speaking, he said that the innovation was a step towards an eco-friendly green Lagos.

The group MD however, said that when the car is fully charged for 9 hours 35minutes, it can go a distance of 482km (the equivalent of Lagos to Warri) before it requires charging again.