Landlord Locks Gate With Live S.nake To Prevent Tenants Owing Him From Entering In Kenyan


In another hilarious incident which occurred at the Kunda Kindu area in Kitui town of Kenya, reports says that a landlord identified as Samuel Kioko, sealed his tenants gate for not paying their rent.

According to the landlord, that the tenants have failed to pay rent arrears comprising September and October.

It appears the man used every necessary means to make his tenants pay the rent arrears failed, so he decided to get radical with them.

Kioko waited until the tenants left for work before he took his time to wrap the snake around the locker of the building’s gate in such a way that it was not easy to open it without being bitten by the snake.

Interestingly, although the snake was not tied or restricted in any way, it remained on the gate without moving away, a development that triggered speculations that the snake might be a spiritual one.