Meet 95 Year Old Hajiya Fati Koko, Who Waited For 9 Hours To Donate Her Life Savings To President Buhari


In a recent report, gathered, that a 95 years old Hajiya Fati Koko, reportedly waited for nine hours in Kebbi state to donate her life savings to ensure that Muhammadu Buhari emerged as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

However, her action made Muhammadu Buhari dubbed her as “a woman with a good heart, who stood by her convictions, and gave sacrificially.”

Hajiya Koko who is also known as Maitalla Tara, had offered nearly her entire life savings to candidate Buhari at the time, saying she admired his honesty, discipline, and commitment to the truth.

When President Buhari learned of her death, he praised Hayiya Koko’s conviction and self-sacrifice, urging Nigerians to take important lessons from her life.

“Hajiya Koko is an ideal example of cheerful giving.

Despite her advanced age, she remained convinced that a new Nigeria was possible, and she followed her conviction with action. What a generous spirit and tenacious faith in her motherland.

Nigerians, both young and old, can learn a lot from her. May God in His infinite mercy grant her eternal rest”.