Meet Life Coach Rejoice Halder, CEO Of Halder Universal Academy (Bio)

Meet Suleman Faridat Rejoice Halder, popularly known as Rejoice Halder, who is the founder and chief executive officer of Halder Universal Academy (HUA).

Being cognizant of the unhealthy interaction in today’s societies, she shares engaging tips and techniques that help foster a positive change in diplomatic and motivational communications. She has written alot of inspiring content that has developed her Community and the world in General.

As a communication expert/author she has been teaching thousands of people Online and Offline the art of successful communication. She has also created alot of courses to help people discover themselves and Advance in their career.

Rejoice is the founder of Warriors On Heels (WOH) which is a Global Community for women where we create safe space to connect, discuss and discover key strategies that helps women from different part of the world in career advancement, business expansion, leadership pathway among others.

She’s the Founder of UNIVERSAL NOBEL IMPACT COMMMIUNTY and this is a Commmiunty where we listen and value the voices of every individual, we believe in human dignity and transformative power. We create problem solvers who reacts nimbly to challenges & opportunities and we also support smart risk taking because we know the future belongs only to risk takers

She is also the convener of Global Women Conference, School Of Marriage & Relationship, Life Clinic, Champions Brag, Health Innovation Conference, Universal Creators Advancement Summit.

Also, World Coaches Developmental Summit, The Modern Model Mother Talkshow, UWOVA (Universal Women of Value Award Recognition), UMOVA (universal Men Of Value Award Recognition) and Global Prayer Retreat.

Rejoice is a profound Consultant, Counselor & coach. She normally holds a One_on_One Coaching, Consultation and Counselling Sessions popularly known as 4Cs with Rejoice Halder. She’s a teacher of “the” words and has delivered in diverse youth and Commmiunty Programs. she’s a public and transformation speaker who have spoken in different line such as health relating topics, character building, business growth and cyber Bullying

She is a multiple time award winning Coach, Expert and Influencer. she was Awarded as a Women and Gender specialist by worldchanger Commmiunty. Relationship, marriage and family life Coach and award given by Family Life Developmental Network. Dedicated Women Empowerment Advocate and award given by the Branded woman for IWD. Hall of Fame award by Dignify Women and many more. Rejoice Halder have been Nominated for 7 international awards and she’s a Multiple Brand Ambassador who have been featured in different Magazines. Rejoice Halder is an Author of 5 books.

One of her essence for Creation is Global Impact which has inspired her to start an award popularly known as GLIM AWARDS. Global Impact Award as the name implies is an award that recognizes those who have exceeded expectations and have consistently made outstanding Contributions towards Global Impact.

For more details, please contact her on +2348080452495

Personal Email: [email protected]

Social Media handle: Rejoice Halder

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