Nigerians React As Anambra School Students Wear ‘Isi-Agu’ For First Assembly


Nigerians reacted to some pictures going viral online, where Anambra School Students were seen wearing ‘Isi-Agu’ for their first session assembly.

The school was identified as Bubendorff Memorial Grammar School, Adazi-Nnukwu in Anambra state.

See some reactions below;

@Seun Olawale-davies: It’s commendable! But we must let those future leaders know that cultural values is not only imbedded in uniforms or external use, but in our minds which automatically translate to active conscience, morals, courtesy, decorum, a positive and innovative mindset… Nigerian’s value for human life and coexistence has dropped below per. Our world thrives on statistics; the statistics of those with poor, avarice, parochial, bigotry, mediocrity mindsets are more than those with cultural uniforms. Emphasis and reiteration should be more on reforming the minds of our future leaders not hypocritical frivolities…

@Enyinnaya Amah: Am I the only one who thinks this is absurd?
First, Isi Agu outfit is a Reverend attire exclusive for the traditional title holders. Its not a “child’s play”
Second, its a contradiction to wear Isi Agu with trousers, that’s not how it was meant to be
Thirdly, the children have been forced to wear this, wish they have been thought the bases of their cultures and origin.
While we jump on ourselves applauding the school, they are smiling to the bank, ripping off the hard earned money for the parents who will be meant to buy this outfit or the fabric at any cost the school places it.
More so, this brings class segregation, notice the students without the attire, they were regulated to the back. That is the end of the days lesson for them as they will never concentrate in class that day and much might even develop grave hatred to their poor parents.
In this school also, Igbo speaking is a taboo and lessons (including Asusu Igbo) are taught in English Language.
I don’t also see the teachers wearing this attire.
I can’t really exhaust reasons why I don’t subscribe to this hypocrisy

@Kadiri Agboola: I love it baje baje
If Ogun can stick to adire, let the schools pick their designs, it will boost the adiire industry and also promote our culture.
Meanwhile our people will afterward intentionally increase the price.

@Joachim Focus: Buhari should come and learn how to dress in Igbo attire

@Usman Yusuf: Better sometimes we need to teach our young children our local culture.

@Glory Idang: It was weird to me at first when i saw the students putting on ankara on wednesdays as a corper in anambra,it’s a good one though to preserve the africa culture. I think more could be done in improving their hospitality towards strangers and love amongst themselves. Nice effort though.

@Bencee Ebute: This ideology can never revive our dilapidated educational system. It’s good but first create enabling environment for studying, Provide the essential amenities to revamp the system and not this. Chai who did this to so called leaders.
I can not be decieved by their gimmicks, I know my root.

Is this yah or nah?

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