Plateau Club 1921 Locked Down Following Rift (See Details)


By Golok Nanmwa, Jos

The once prestigious Plateau Club 1921 has been closed down not as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic but as a result of a brewing threat to peace and security in the Club between a few members of the Club and the members of Board of Trustees.

Situation came to near crisis point today 24th January,2021 when some individuals insisted on holding an Emergency General Meeting to oust the Caretaker Committee which was duly constituted by the Board of Trustees.

Sensing the possible crisis that could arise between the against the Board of Trustees and the the general members that are supportive of the Board of Trustees, the Caretaker committee drafted security men to keep surveillance over the Club.

Following our further investigations, it was discovered that while one of the two conflicting factions planned to hold an Emergency General Meeting in defiance of the Board of Trustees, the other faction was against it as according to them, it was an affront against the Board of Trustees who had earlier set up a Caretaker Committee to oversee the activities of the Club as the Bored is the apex decision making organ of the Club.

Following this threat to peace, the Chairman of the Board of the Board of Trustees Arch Pam Dung Gyang after due consultations with the Board decided to temporarily close the Club pending the resolution of all pending legal matters against the Club.

The Board cited the impending legal matter against the Club, the recent demise of a member of the Board of Trustees, and the bitter rancor between the different factions in the Club as a reason for the Closure.

According to the chairman the Club will only be reopened when all legal matters against the Club and rancor in the club are resolved.

It will be recalled that recently the properties of the Club were carted away by Court bailiffs as a result of debts owed to the former President of the Club Mr Chris Hassan.

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