Unbelievable!!! Farmer Arrested In New Zealand For Selling Sheeps As Sex Slaves To ISIS



In another shocking story, a 52 year old farmer identified as Allan Seymour, has said to have been sending an “intriguing large number” of livestock to ISIS in Syria.

This raised suspicions prompting CIA and MI6 officials monitoring the region.

At first, New Zealand Customs Services thought he was hiding weapons or explosive devices within the shipments But upon further investigations nothing as such was found.

But it was found out that;

“the sheep were not used for food but instead were used for satisfying ISIS soldiers sexual appetite”. Spokesperson for New Zealand defence reports

“Islamic law permits to sleep with goats, sheep or other livestock as long as the animal is killed afterward, which explains the high numbers,” he adds.

During an interview last year, a noted Quranic scholar, Dr. Zakir Naik, has explained why bestiality is permitted under certain conditions in Islam.

In his words he said;

“A man is still considered pure when he releases his lust with a sheep or goat. If there is no woman, then there is no true lust or sexual sin. Then the animal becomes tainted and so must die. So says the Prophet Mohammed”.

According to further investigations, that Allan has shipped over 20,000 sheep in the last few years.