WAEC To Bar Cheating Candidates From Future Exams


According to the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), said that any student caught cheating in an exams, will be ban from resitting another exams for a period of few years.

This was disclosed during the 70th Meeting of the Examination Committee of WAEC, which is the highest decision making organ of the council on examination-related matters.

It however, said that the affected candidates would be banned for “a certain number of years”.

The statement read; “In the course of considering the various reported cases of malpractice, the Committee, after diligent deliberations, approved appropriate sanctions in all established cases of malpractice, as prescribed by the Rules and Regulations governing the conduct of the Council’s examination.

“It approved that the entire results of candidates involved in proven cases, which attracted cancellation of Entire Results (CER), be cancelled, while subject results of those involved in proven cases, which attracted Cancellation of Subject Results, be similarly cancelled.

“In addition, some candidates will also suffer other sanctions such as barring them from sitting for the Council’s examination for a certain number of years, some schools will be derecognised for a specified number of years or have their recognition completely withdrawn, some supervisors that were found wanting in the discharge of their examination duties will be formally reported to their employers and blacklisted.”


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